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1And 2 automotive CJ, DJ, salesman was zachery Drury july 12, 2018 purchased 2007 c70 volvo convertible. On july 18 inside ceiling upholstery fell down, top want close, cant drive car. dallas tx Texas!!. On july 12, 2018, purchased 2007 c70 volvo convertible, on july 18, 2018 the entire inside ceiling upholstery fell down on my head, now its laying on front car seats. i notified zachery drury on july 18, he referred me to account manager erica. friday hjuly 20, erica contacted meand stated that it is best you take car to specialist since 1 and 2 auto dont specialize in car roofs, i ask if they could tow car back and make and pay for repairs, erica replied no. because over her we may not be able to fix it corectly, therefore i am responsible for repairs, i ask if they could put me in another car, was told no. also friday zachery drury text me saying Mrs. Williams my job is to help you pick out a car i have no idea whatgs going on with tour car, you need to get ahold of erica acct mgr. Later July 20, a man who would not give me his name said as long as the motor and the car will drive, we are not responsible, i explain to him i cant drive car because the upholstery has fallen, i have pictures of car, the entire top of upholstery has fallen. this is the worst car dealership. they are rude, inconsiderate, liars. i paid 1000 down for a 5488 car, that ended up being 15,000 they rip me off. i advised the sales manager i would get an attorney, he told me to use that money and get car fixed, the nerves of him. 1 and 2 auto refuse to refund mymoney or put me in another car. i want to file law suit.

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