1AND2 AUTOMOTIVE DALLASTEXAS COMPLETE AND TOTAL SCAM PREYING ON LOW INCOME MINORITY AND DISABLED PEOPLE DALLAS Texas!!. I am a disabled Veteran and have had some hardships while waiting for my disability case to go through and was out of work for almost a year. While I was waiting for my disability case to be resolved my credit took a turn for the worse becuase I went from making a good deal of money to nothing virtually overnight and as a result my credit suffered becuase there were way more bills than money, but inevitabaly, totally my fault. We have 5 children and have been worried about a roof over our heads and food to eat and clothes for our kids back to basic necessities. We are working with our credit companies to resolve what we owe but with little cash left over each month it is a slow process but again no ones fault but my own. My wife and I needed a new vehicle and didn’t want to ask our families for help because they have already helped us so much, we wanted to do this on our own. We saved for months, and months, saving change and every penny we could until we got $3000.00 saved up. We started looking for a new vehicle and one of the dealerships that kept coming up was 1and2 Automotive in Dallas Texas. We went and met with a salesman named Bob Shoemaker. Bob seemed pleasent enough when we went in but it was late in the afternoon on a Friday and he was making references to wanting to get off and watch the hockey game. We ended up getting a beautiful Mercedes Benz in fantastic condition, we were elated! Bob kept bringing out different versions of the paperwork and kept saying he was making mistakes on our down payment amounts. We walked out of the dealership with a copy of the contract that said we did not have a differed down payment due at all. Bob also kept insisting on us getting cash for the downpayment, which made us a little uncomfortable but we really wanted the car. Bob also eluded to us that we just make the differed down paymet when we could before our first payment was due which was May 29th. 1and2 Automotive sat out in front of our house for hours on the morning of Saturday May 21st 2016, and waitied for my wife to load the car we got from them and go inside the house. They then came at took the car at about 10am on a Saturday morning, with no call no warning or anything just gone according to the documents they later produced our differed down payment was due on Friday May 20th so the payment was less than 12 hours late when they took our car!!! We immediately called up to the dealership to figure out what was going on and were told that no one was there to answer our questions until Monday. I had VA appointments on that Monday May 23rd so we were unable to go on Monday becuase anyone that has delt with VA knows you cannot miss one of those appointments or won’t get seen again for 3 months. We were told the guy we needed to talk to was only at the dealership Monday thru Friday 9am to noon. We went today on May 24th and were taken to a back office away from everyone esle and a guy cam in withglasses that had a camera on them so we knew we were in trouble from the beginning. He sat there from the beginning and berated us and talked down to us, called us names, made fun of me for being diasbaled, and called me a dead beat, and a sponge off society becuase I can no longer work due to my disabilities sustained in military service. We were stunned and were told they were no longer going to do business with us and that we had to pay the balance of the note which was 20,000 today, which is not possible for us or many people we know. We then just said okay we understand and agree wholeheartedly we should all just go our seperate ways. We asked that they just pro-rate the days we had the vehicle and give us the balance of our downpayment back. they laughed at us and told us we were not getting any money back and to leave the dealership. things from there got pretty heated and we did end up leaving minus our 3000.00 it took us almost a year to save!!!! We have no idea what we are going to do now but feel we go the “old bait and switch done on us”. We are good people and try to live very honerable lives. We do not do wrong by anyone and those that know us will attest wehave an impeccable reputation in our communtiy as volunteers at our youth association and at our childrens schools and a variety of other charities. Even though we don’t have much money we give every month to St. Jude Childrens Hospital becuase we believe in paying it forward!!! I hope by filing this report if I can prevent even one person from going through what we have just gone through then what we have gone through will have been worth it. I hope this report finds you before you ever step foot on the premises of 1and2 Automotive in Dallas Texas. Here is more information on this discicable company and what they have done to others in similar situations just disgusting!!!! www.dealerrater.com/dealer/1and2-Automotive-review-14202/

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