Academia School of Nursing


This school does not allow students to review graded assignments to ensure the approach to grade received is appropriate. This school deducts points from assignments without validating or providing evidence of rationale behind grades received. The teacher in one course, “Tiya”, noted she does not give out “A” grades. This school lost the first director and made students suffer without a teacher, yet still charged tuition (which is all paid out of pocket with no option of financial aide). Once a teacher was and new director was hired, new rules and approach to the program initially signed up for changed and changed for the worse. The teachers are incompetent and unwilling to show students graded materials that have been questioned relative to deductions made that have adverserely affected grades. Two known students that we’re failing somehow passed while alternate top performance students have had deductions in grades that cannot be validated by teacher or staff. Staff stated, “you have to trust I did my job!” Uh, no I need to see my turned in work with any markings of deductions in order to discuss rationale. This school provided a workbook that the teacher admittedly stated has no key. Therefore, she decides what answers are right and wrong without giving rationale based on evidence. The Ohio Nursing Board will also receive a complaint as this school needs audited and investigated for poor practices, immediately.

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