AeroStar Servicing Corp.Owner Michael Martino


AeroStar Servicing Corp.Owner Michael Martino SCAMMERS!!..BEWARE!!..They’ll RUIN your Life!! East Islip New York!!. This guy Michael Martino runs a super shady company from his house and has basic internet with BS security. The address the company uses on itswebsite is tied to whats called a “Share Office” where you can rent the commercial address for a small monthly fee to look legit. You can even rent the office space by the hour, day, week if needed. How can anybody put their trust in a guy who has no life savings, no collateral other than 200 guns, lives day by day scamming people under the radar of the government and getting away with it.This guy needs to be stopped.In the past 5 years the address 9 Watson Street has been in pre-foeclosure 4 times.How can a guy like that help you??? The company testimonials for AeroStar Servicing Corps. are 100% bogus;-so are the pictures of the people portraying the testimonial people being used. The woman Lisa D. is Nikki Katz an author. the guy in the middle ScottP is actually Erik Reagan co-founder of focusgroup and the guy posing as Robert R on the right is the Binzi Travel Guy from Binzi travels in India. AeroStars financial backing comes from a quaalude dealer named Gary Brustein who runs a Company called FlexWealth/FlexBorrow.Beware of the scams…This guy lives off your desperation..If you feel your debt is too large and you know you cant pay your bills anymore walk away and dont let a piece of garbage like these guys sniffing in your garbage can because theyll get your home for a song and a dance through unscrupulous methods then renovate them through bogus companies and sell through bogus real estates as package deal investment properties needing to be liquidated..

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