Been mucked around from this lady for months, actually since day 1! Paid a deposit of $200 on a dress, go and pick it up from the Store and it”s not there. The previous day I emailed and told her I would be in tomorrow to pick up. At no time did she state there were any problems. Saturday, get to the Store and no it wasn”t there. No excuse as to why it wasn”t there. Rang her that same day and said I wanted my money back which she was fine with. As I”d been mucked around from her on numerous occassions – I didn”t trust her to follow through. So Monday I email her this and say “deposit my money today, if I don”t see it in my a/c tomorrow I will come to her store and get it myself and won”t leave until I have it in my hand”. She then comes back and says “don”t threaten me or I will get the police involved” – how was what I said a threat?! She also barred me from her Shop. Anyone that has been mucked around the amount of times wouldn”t trust her as far as I could throw her. (and that wouldn”t be far lol) She also had the nerve to say that the dress wouldn”t have fitted me! Ha” May I add that this lady is not slim herself, she is the last person to be throwing around comments like that. More importantly she refused to refund my $200 from the tone of my email lol. She said she would take me to court to see if she EVEN NEEDE to refund me.Then went on to say that the guy couldn”t find the dress when I went to pick it up. Also that I HAD to buy the dress. Well how am I supposed to get it when you”ve barred me from your store lol. Lucky she did refund me because I was ready to take her to the Disputes Tribunal. I also said I would take her to Fair Go and she said “actually do that because my husband is the director of Fair Go! Lol! And of course she was bluffing. And IF she wasn”t I would”ve loved for her husband to put this on his show and make note she is the “directors wife” ha! Do not go to AFFORDABALL DRESSES as she imports from China and marks them up by more than 200%. I went on the website that she imports from and found that the dress I wanted was NZD150 but from her NZD400! Clearly rips people off. If young women knew how much they really were they wouldn”t be buying from her. Not once did this lady Helen Burley say she was sorry for ANY inconvenience. No sense of what customer service is – she”s in the service industry she should know 10 times better! Like they say, good customer service is hard to find these days – you won”t get it from this lady. Also read this link: How convenient!

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