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THIS IS LONG AND I NORMALLY WOULD NOT EXPLAIN BUT WHAT THEY DID WAS BOGUS: READ IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH. IF YOU HAVE A CHILD THAT WANTS TO BE A GOOD GYMNAST THESE PEOPLE WILL NOT LIKE THAT. THERE ARE NO LEVELS AFTER 3 AND IF YOUR CHILD IS LEARNING HIGHER THAN THAT APPARENTLY THEY WILL TREAT YOU UNFAIRLY..THEY DID ME FOR NO REASON. | I am a mother of a 8 year girl who is a former coach and level 7 competitive gymnast so I have experience in this sport and been around many successful gyms however this place was a differnt story. The first time I visitied this gym with my daughter when I walked in Cathy and Bethany were both at the front desk. No one welcomed us they acted as if we were not there. So I finally got there attention and started my daughter in their level 1 class with Emily Grealish. | The first class Emily Grealish never introduced herself, never said a word to me and when I would ask questions she never looked me in the eye and agknowledged me. Completely unprofessional to start out with. She never showed the girls skills herself so they know how its suppose to look. My daughter had about a month going into her class and was learning fast from me showing her skills at home so I asked Emily what she needed to learn to advance in the next level and she told me several things she wasnt even teaching in her level. How does that make sense? Well my daughter learned them anyway and Bethany noticed she should be in her level 2/3 class. | It started off ok but she never showed the girls any of the skills herself either. Which told me they didnt know their gymnastics. I could tell there was a lack of social skills and she never really introduced hersef to me niether. We did OPEN GYM a few times and Bethany let me go and help my daughter with some skills which is how it should be right. Then one saturday I was going to help my daughter and show some skills for her and Bethany said No. Not explaining not being friendly just no you cant do that. Very rude. So I paid 8.00 for my daughter and an extra 12.00 for me just to go in the gym and help her. Its one thing to have rules but to be so rude and have such miscommunication between the owner and her employees they should have apologized and been pleasant about it but instead it made me feel unwelcome to be there so we just stopped going to open gym. | Many times Bethany or Emily would walk by me and never say hi. Cathy never did either. I was always nice and polite but they were not. I always watched the classes and the coaching wasnt very good except I liked how Cathy coached she would fill in here and there and you could tell she knew what she was doing.. But the other 2 girls who coached were clueless…One class, I was just sitting watching when Bethany came up to for the FIRST TIME, never said hi..nothing.. just said to me YOU DIDNT PAY! How rude. She couldnt ever welcome me there and say hi but when she does come up to me she accuses me of not paying! I told her I did pay. | Cathy takes out the monthly charge automatically every month so I had to speak with cathy and by surprise it was their mistake again!. They were not charging me the right amount. I was at the desk with both of them when Bethany walked off never apologized. I was paying what she was in control of taking out…and so I looked at their brochure and it had the wrong prices on it. So on top of her making the mistake with payment she had the wrong prices in her brochure and only noticed it after I showed her! really! this whole time you dont know your brochures have the wrong prices in them? I was nice and she explained to me what happened but she never apologized since I HAD PAID and did nothing it rubbed me the wrong way. She made the mistake of charging me the wrong amount and some how that was my fault. Right. So I was already thinking about taking my daughter else where.. too many RED FLAGS.. not a good experience. Was never welcomed there at all and we were always polite BUT THEY WERE NOT. | The only people who were nice to me were the PARENTS. Its pretty sad when you go to a business and the only people that say hi to you are the people who dont even work there. I gave it a shot and really wanted it to work out but this lady who owns this business doesnt have a clue what shes doing. The 2 girls that I met that work there Emily and Bethany were impersonal and rude. Lack of communication between the owner and employees. No direction with the classes. It ends at LEVEL 3. There is no class for my daughter there at this point she is already learning level 4 skills from having to teach her myself. THE PLACE HAS NO OXYGEN, NO AIR. Cathy cant even afford to have decent air in the gym how can she hope to keep a business with all these problems. Even over heard some of the girls who work there complain about their job and how CATHY makes them do her dirty work. Very unappealing. | LASTLY, I was never told that every 5th week there is no class, it isnt in the brochere or on the website that I could find and no one there ever told me not to come when they are closed. That is a complete SCAM. The oldest trick scammers do in business is charge a monthly fee but then close on the 5th week ? how does that make any sense. A good business will be open monthly period. They dont close 1 week. That is a scam. JUST A WAY TO MAKE EASY MONEY WITHOUT WORKING FOR IT. | I let cathey know thanks for having my daughter and she wont be having any further classes there. It was the last week and everything was paid. She had the nerve to have Emily email me back and say this is your 30 day notice you pay for another month. I never caused them any issues I always paid. We were only there for 3 months but apparently the forms I signed gave them the authority to be even lower. I absolutly would never give them another dime and I wont be going back they lost one of their best customers that they could have had. I would have paid for open gym every month and competition but they screwed up and ran me off. | IF YOUR THINKING OF TAKING YOUR CHILD HERE or already do here is the truth: | There are only a handful of girls that go here at this gym and it is a joke to say the least. No wonder! There is no business sense and caring coaches that Iv seen. Maybe the other girls who work there are nice but the 3 woman I saw were very unprofessional and rude. I wanted to share my experience because it amazes me how unwelcoming these woman were to my and my daughter and I am not exaggerating either. I know my gymnastics well and have coached for 4 years. I want the best for my child and her experience here wasnt what she expected nor what I expected. | Very poor customer service, a SCAM, No proper air conditioning, no certification on the door, Nobody go’s there and there is no competitive levels for any child to excel, I really hope someone who knows how to run a gymnastics gym takes over. My daughter is now in a really nice gymnastics place thats far to drive unfortunatly but its worth it to see her grow and learn where the owner and employees actually do their job well and are welocming and kind to us. I will never get an apology for the unfair treatment we had there because they have no class. | I give All American Elite Gymnastics and Cheer a year or less there is no way this place can make it they have no experience with how to run a business period! Very DISAPPOINTED how we were treated there. | IF YOU GO TO A REAL GYMNASTICS GYM YOUR CHILD WONT BE IN THE SAME LEVEL FOR A YEAR. THATS NOT COACHING, THATS A BABYSITTER.

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