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Amigo Auto Sales RIPP Off, Scam Alert, Run marietta Georgia!!. I bought a car from this comapny in February on 2018 and paid my car note on time and before due date every week. On June 23 my payment was due on a saturday, June 20, 2018 and I went out of town due to death of father and emailed Carlos who is in customer service to let him know that I would be late and I would be coming in on Tuesday to pay my car note. He said ok thanks for letting us know sorry for your lost and ended the email. Well on Monday June 22, 2018 i returned to GA and all of a sudden I hear my dogs going crazy barking at something outside around midnight. I look out the window Amigo Auto has called a tow company to repo my car and when I question the tow man he stated that this is a Ripp off company that he just repoed another person car for $20 that week, I’m like are you serious. So I called the next morning to let Mirari the supervisor know i was coming to make my payment and where to pick up my car, she stated that they needed to do an inspection to make sure no damage was done to the vechicle ok so after the inspection came back good which i knew, Miriam called and stated that the finance comapny stated that I had to pay the full balance of what the loan of the car was of $14.00 and had to get another finance company to finace the car. I said are you serious I have never been late and contacted your office to let them know, and she stated to me that they don’t have a grace period and they can repo the car at anytime if you are late. So know I’m out out $1200 dwn pymt and months of car payments. Stay Away from this company they make their own rules!!! SCAM, RIPP OFF, BEAWARE..I WILL NEVER REFER MY WORST ENEMY TO THESE EVIL PEOPLE, OHH AND THEY SUPPOSE TO GIVE FREE OIL CHANGES, NEVER GOT ONE OF THOSE EITHER..PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!

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