AmigoJet Complaint


Attention to all victims of amigo jet! Please be very aware of amigo jet and its owner Olga Sevcuka and her husband vadym shevchuk, these people are not a legitimate or honest travel business. Once you engage with their company you will find yourself begging for help and they are very cold, heartles and relentless with a destructive attitude once money is involved in any capacity… Olga Sevcuka and Vadym Shevchuk wonder why you are using the names Tom Brown, Maria Brown, David Brown, James03, Mark Cohen and several other aliases?? – We know this because you have posted multiple identical defamatory and malicious posts across several review platforms using the same poor grammatically incorrect written English. Your malicious and defamatory post are because we have chosen to expose your black mail attempts and expose your real name / company on several review platforms in kind. These reviews are currently under investigation by Google, and our Lawyers are also starting legal action against you. You have also been reported to the Metropolitan Police. PLEASE CONTACT THE METROPOLITAN POLICE IF TYOU HAVE BEEN VICTIMS OF AMIGO JET. Thanks, Tom.

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