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Donít trust the positive stuff you hear or read about AndCo consulting. These people are paying others to promote their services. AndCo Consulting is a group of mischievous people who donít care about their clients. They are liars and cheats who are only after your wallet. My parents are working with AndCo Consulting and they have been their client for quite some time. And I have noticed how the people from this firm take advantage of my parentsí sincerity. I have tried to tell my parents that they should stop availing their services but they donít believe me. They think their advisor from AndCo has their best interests at heart. 

If your parents or relatives are working with AndCo Consulting, get them to reconsider their decision. 

I have noticed how AndCoís advisors only recommend investments from certain organizations to my parents. Although my parents refuse to accept it, I know that their advisor is taking advantage of their trust and is selling them investment products from a third-party. 

The advisor from this firm acts more like a salesman instead of a finance professional. I have noticed it myself. My parents discuss their finances with me openly and when I saw their portfolio, I was shocked. AndCoís advisors give poor financial advice to their clients. Some of their suggested investments were subpar and you wouldnít expect a professional to choose such a poor investment. It seems to me that AndCo has partnered with some investment products and have become their salespeople. They donít focus on increasing their clientsí wealth or helping them achieve their financial goals. No, they tend to focus more on how they can sell more investments to their clients. These people are clearly operating like a sales operation. My parentsí financial advisor acts like a salesperson too. 

Unethical Advisors

Itís the job of a financial advisor to recommend the best possible investments to their clients which would help them achieve their financial goals. The financial advisor listens to their clients and focuses on understanding their requirements so he or she can suggest the best financial decisions for the same. Most of the financial advisors in the industry behave like this. They would focus on listening to their clients and help them achieve their financial goals. 

However, the advisors from AndCo Consulting are the opposite of this. They donít focus on understanding their clientsí requirements. Nope. Instead, they focus on manipulating their clients into buying mediocre investment products from them. 

In my opinion, itís highly unethical of AndCo Consulting to operate like this. They could have focused on improving their clientís finances. That would have been a great long-term strategy as it would have fostered stronger client relations. However, itís obvious to me that as long as they have several sweet-talking advisors who successfully manipulate their clients, they wouldnít change their business model. They will keep lying and cheating their clients to get the most sales possible. Like I said, itís highly unethical. 

AndCo Consultingís financial advisors act like salesmen and manipulate their clients into buying subpar investments. They are devious people and I donít recommend working with them.

I did some research on these people but failed to find any conclusive reviews on these people. There were a bunch of employee reviews on AndCo Consulting and thatís it. Thatís why I decided to add a review here. I have read several reviews posted on this platform and thought it would be the best place to share my experience here. People should know how this company actually operates so they would stay wary of this terrible firm.

The high amount of positive PR those people have done also shows me that they donít want others to discover the truth. They want to land a good impression on potential clients so they can start manipulating them in the future. To be honest, I donít want anyone else to end up like my parents. They could have gotten much better returns on their investments if they had left AndCoís services. The sweet-talking advisors from this firm are very dangerous and you shouldnít trust them at all. 

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