ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Complaint


After research on pet insurance and conversation with ASPCA Pet Insurance representative, we enrolled our then puppy to be covered. Only after a couple months, with both regular anticipated vaccination shots and unexpected injury and surgery, we learned in a hard way that the insurance does not cover the contracted 80% or even near it. They had ” explanations” that they need to determine if the charges were under the geographically acceptable range. I have discussed over the phone and sent supporting documents by mail that any vet in my living area would have charged similarly if not more. They still denied the contracted 80%, on average I received about 50% of coverage. I have argued that it is not stated or footnoted anywhere on their promotional materials, website, or consultation on the customer service line, not even on the confirmation materials after I enrolled. If I knew of course I would have chosen another company. The frustrating thing is that after the correspondences leading to no reasonable place with ASPCA ( don’t be fooled by the name, it has nothing to do with the organization that helps pets) Pet Insurance, I decided to report to business agencies, only to find out that insurance sector has governance by the state… I signed up in New York, the listed company ASPCA Pet Insurance is under Ohio, but the parent company United States Fire Insurance Company is in New Jersey… So when I called NY they told me to call OH, OH asked me to call NJ, NJ said that I need to call NY… What type of crap Not to say the thousands that we could have saved if we went with a legitimate insurance, the time spent on the claim reports, phone calls and letters, the confusion frustration and injustice…

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