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Auto Publique Joseph (owner) Frauded us out of $2095 by leading us to believe we would not get our Auto loan without buy extended Warranty and Life Insurance. (which in there add was free for two years) I have a letter Laval, Quebec!!. CANCELLATION LETTER Date : May 30, 2018 To Whom It May Concern; Auto Publique or Joseph I, Christopher Melanson am writing to inform you that I want to Cancel my Extended Garanties and Life Insurance with Auto Publique Ltee. Reason I am canceling is that Your Finance Representative Gilles gave us false information from our Bank.Gilles stated to us while we were signing our car loan papers that is was required by TD Auto Financefor us to get the loan we had to take out the Auto Publique Extended Garanties at a Cost of $1595 and LIFE insurance for $500 (Gilles words In case sometime happened to Chris and he died My loan would be paid in Full), I never received a copy of the Life insurance but he did make us sign a yellow paper. The Night (May 22th) we picked up our car it wasnt even fixed we had to wait another week for that to get done. It was late and Gilles wanted to go home so he rushed us through the whole process) All our Paperwork was in French. Neither I nor my wife read French, which we told Gilles. Gilles said he would explain everything to us. I never received a copy of the application Gilles filled out online on my behave to TDAuto Finance nor did I sign an application. I have spent many hours of wasted talk time with you (Joseph the owner, Nick (manager), and Gilles (Finance dept.). My Wife has tried to explain to you (Joseph) and Nick that youre Employee are committing Fraud and are misleading Customers and you (Joseph Owner) did not seem to care. We made an 7:30 appointment with Gilles tonight (May 29th) because I called TDAuto Finance to get Proof that Gilles was giving out false information and committing fraud, taking Thousands of dollars from people by tricking them. I have a letter from My Bank TD AutoFinance stating we were falsely informed and it is NOT required to have the Extended Garanties nor the LIFE insurance in order for us to get our loan. When we got To Auto Publique at 7:15pm we were told Gilles had left for the day. When my Wife called you about this problem today (May 29th) and asked to stay to meet with us you said NO, that you leave at 4:00pm. So you leave us no choice we have explained All this to TD Auto Finance they will get a copy of this letter and Hopefully report you to the Police for using their name under False pretenses by giving People False information regarding TD Auto Finance Top that On your Website it says that the ExtendedGaranties is FREE. (Wehave Printed Copies of this from your web site. I hereby notify you to Cancelmy Extended Garanties and Life Insurance with AUTO PUBLIQUE. Send the refund Check to: TD Auto Finance PO Box 4086 Station A Toronto,Ontario M5W 5K3 Total amount due $2095 that we were charged for Extended Garanties and life Insurance Thank you for your prompt attention to this request. You have (7) Seven Days from the receipt of this letter to cancel and Refund our money to TD Auto Finance

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