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Automatic Transmission Experts Deliberate Fraud Phoenix Arizona!!. Went to Automatic Transmission Experts because my Dodge Van had shifting problems. The owner checked the transmission and the wiring and stated that it all checked out ok and that the problem was with the vehicle computer. He called his computer guy who came out, unbolted the computer from the vehicle, put it in a vice and continued to disassemble the hermetically sealed computer with a blow-torch. The computer guy removed the smoking hot computer from the housing and began scraping the printed circuit board to remove the hermetically sealed jelly to get at the components. The computer guy installed a different computer back into the vehicle, took it for a test drive, came back and told me it was fixed and was shifting fine. I paid my bill and as I started home, I immediately discovered that nothing was fixed and the transmission was still in the “Limp-Mode”. I immediately called the owner and relayed what I had discovered and was told that he would be closing soon and he would have to get the computer guy back out the following week to find out what went wrong. I told the owner that I would wait for his call. He never called. Suspecting that my vehicle’s computer had been severely damaged by the extreme temperature effects of the blow-torch, I purchased a new computer from Chapman Dodge and had them install it. My transmission was still in the “Limp Mode”. I then took my vehicle to Allstate Transmission. They said that there was a vehicle code coming up for the Neutral Safety Switch. Mitch further stated that the wires were bare at the switch and needed to be repaired. I went to Chapman Dodge and purchased a Neutral Safety Switch and a pig-tail connector. When I went to install the switch, it was glaringly evident, even to the untrained eye, that the wires leading to the switch were bare and touching. I repaired the wiring and installed the switch and the vehicle returned to normal shifting. The problem was never with the transmission or the computer it was the bare wires touching together that was causing the problem the whole time. I never needed a computer fix, just some tape on the bare wires. I have since filed a dispute with my credit card / bank and they have refunded my money. Run away from this business.

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