b credit card prosseing company for vechiel ect reports charge $19.95 fee taken out of my debit card account on Dec.17th 2013 without premission Internet!!. on Dec.17,13 I tryed to get a vehicle report for $1.00 from with my bank visa debit card. The next day I look @ my bank statement on line backgroundfee. had took $ 1.00 plus $19.95 from my account, I call them Dec.18th and cancell they gave me numbers off the change for conformation saying the money had been placed back into my account but not have been done by them til this day.I have called and e-mail [email protected] so many times today is Feb,26, they still not have given my money back into my account.I have proof of chat line chats I have all copys of e-mail sent to Mr.Josh, this company is a rip off too all people trying to live from day to day and too this day I have not still got a vehicle report of no kind or my money back Please tell me what can be done about this, Thank you very much

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