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Bethlehem Auto Sales Stole 1000 dollars Bethlehem Pennsylvania!!. I recently went to buy a truck here long story short. I had a mechanic look at it and realised the frame was almost completely rotted out. I then informed my salesman I no longer wanted the vehicle and i would like my 1000 dollar deposit back. I was then told by him on three seperate occasions that he would reverse the transaction and put the money back into my account, this never happened. Now mind you i never signed anything more than a price agreement and i didnt even know of i could/would get financed yet. I have now had my phone calls blocked or hung up on and if i do trick them into talking to me they give me the same song and dance. The more research i did the more people i have found that they have done this to. This dealership is pure evil, i work hard as does every other person this place took advantage of and STOLE money from. 1000 dollars isnt alot to some people but to me it is that was the only money i had saved to put down on a car, but now because of the sleazeyness of this dealership i have nothing. 1000 dollars gone and not a single thing to show for it. Its just plain not right especially the fact that they will get away with it as they always have.

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