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Bev Smith Toyota Toyota Deceptive and unacceptable business practices.. Does not do proper maintence on leased car as promised with contract term. Fort Pierce florida!!. Problems from the very start , Pressured me into a leased car with promise of all maintence and any issues would be covered for term of lease.. First issue was 18,000 miles into lease term. service engine light came on and car was hard starting.. I brought in next day.. and maintence tech said it was a small evaoporation leak in gas cap and replaced.. 3 wees later car failed to start afer late night work shift. Boosted batter and called bev smith first thing in morning . Dealershiip was closed.. had to work .. broght battery to auto shop and it could not be charged .. Had to purchase a new battery so that i could go to work early that very morning. I contacte Bev smith to ask how to proceed and mention that they did not check health of battery at lat visit .. They were rude and annoyed and said to call toyota .. not there issue to resolve. Weeks later toyota finally agreed to reinburse me to battery.. I was told on next oil change .. at just 18,000 miles that tires are worn and need replacing and quoted 2,300 dollars by a service tech . I was outraged that tires are prematurly worn with only 18,000 miles. Again at 21,000 mile service check was told tires were worn and needed replacing .. I spoke with liz ivy and she said she would put two on but all four needed to be reaplaced. This was due to them not rotating tires at oil change inervals .. they were not worn equally . but front tires bald. I have been trying to get them to make it right for some time and they do not care .. I was told by Liz Ivy to just not drive my car for rest of lease term which was outrageous to say. SHe has lied and seen first hand me waiting for my car to be serviced only for it to come out nearly 3 hours later with no maintence done and still her only remark was poor service techs look like fools? and said it was a lack of commnunication.. My car was left running outside for nearly 3 hours with ac blasting and windows down and nothing done and she took charge of the maintence that day due to my issues.. I had to buy new tires for a lwase car with only 18,00 miles on it and returning it with just 25,000 miles on it and they dont care.. They now say they are also going to charge me a requsition fee of 350.00 upon return of lease in mere weeks . and that it was in contract when i asked about this previosly they said it was iprice into lease term. they lie and want lease cars returned in pristine condition at the cost to the consumer. I have never had such a hobbile and stressful experience in my llife and regret the day i walked into that dealership.. I Cant stress enough to stay away from toyota dealerships.. Especially Bev Smith.. Save yourself he anxiety and aggravation it will cause you… I have all paperwork to prove tires were neveer rotated and they simply dont care.. ALL your calls will be ignored.. Liz Ivy hung up twice when asked the hard questions .. Beware of this place!!!

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