This site was brought to my attention by members of a congregation I pastor. | I thought perhaps people were exaggerating about the level of animus they encountered from Paul. Turns out Paul is the sock account for the administrator, “ChurchWork”. | I understand why the forum is dead. Paul’s own personal trolling site where he assaults all new members with false accusations and personal insults. | Paul, a screen name insulting the Apostle Paul, is also the site administrator “ChurchWork”. My experience in the short time I was there confirms what others have said about their encounters with this individual. | That Paul/ChurchWork’s work is to assail the members of God’s church who happen to join his website. | Keep in mind there is very little activity at that site. Becasue of ChurchWork’s behavior. | Examples of the abuse I received in my Inbox for making note that in the “66Books” forum, where Paul made a post that has had over 40 views but not one reply , because ChurchWork does not approve any posts that educate the ignorance his sock account Paul made , claims that and the thread title says, “God punishes those who don’t read the Bible” | There isn’t a scripture in the Bible that sustains that accusation. And Paul/ChurchWork’s scriptural references that he thinks do sustain that charge are false. They pertain to Jesus rebuking the Saducee’s for their ignorance of scripture when Jesus attends a wedding feast and they confront him. | Correcting that error on Paul/ChurchWorks part is not possible. Because ChurchWork has to approve every post in that and all forums. He will never allow himself to be proven wrong in his own forum. But he will personally attack members for sport. | I used a VPN IP mask when I joined because I’d heard from parishoners that Paul was harassing on the site. I didn’t want my computer security compromised by such a character as that as I went to find out for myself if the charges were true. | They’re true. | This site is not advised for any Christian! Or any Bible respecting , Bible believing, person. | The PM’s that Paul/ChurchWork delivered to me after I deleted the first assaults immediately after my post in the God punishes thread are pasted below. | I think this person is an atheist who enjoys assaulting naive Christians who join his site.

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