Big Dog Satellite Review


Big Dog in Grand Junction, Colorado are a bunch of liars, unproffesional and a lack of service. Several times in the past 12 months we have called Big Dog for service and they eather are very late, do not show up at on time or at all, we have called and set a appointments and at the last minute they cancel. Example: we set up appointment with Big Dog about a month ago, they told us they would be here on the 1st of October, today (after closing time) we recieved a voice mail saying that their tec cannot come tomorow (as sceduled) but if it is just a simple reciever problem one of their sales reps could come out and help. Note: this was for a new install and wires that are pinched plus 2 new recievers, They obviously do not communicate with each other. I do no recommend Big Dog for any service at all.

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