big red kia in norman


big red kia in norman they promise that they can finance anyone with bad credit no credit etc. then call me 5 days later tell i need to come fill out paperwork again which wasn’t the case they took the car back without any notice if they would have just said finance fell through i would have turn the car in, in good faith then they said they would refund my down payment but keep half of it for mileage they are the biggest crooks. i will NEVER recommend anyone to them not even my worst enemy. DONT EVER BUY A CAR FROM BIG RED KIA IN NORMAN THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. crooks!!!!!!! norman Nationwide!!. Big red kia is the biggest rip off dealership. Dont trust them they promise they finance everyone in the end they just rip you off. They could have had the respect for a single mom with a child to have let us know they needed the car back that the finance didnt go through but no they lie saying we need to sign paperwork again. Then the promise a refund of down payment then keep half of it. They are the biggest crooks ever. Dont ever buy a car from them they are lying crooks i wouldn’t even refer my worst enemy to them.

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