Bill Chapman Motors


Bill Chapman Motors Used a cross collateral my viechels alll three I didnt have the money for a deffered payment of 2500.00 and they took the other 2 viechels even if the were up to date on the payments so I lost all three viechels couldnt come up with defered payment due to death in Austin Texas!!. This dealership took my viechels due to them being cross colteraized I didnt have the defered payments and the other viechels were taken even if I owed no payments , they took them because they were used as colteral for each one of the viechels … I lost my job for not having a viechle and lost a total of 12,000+ on the viechles were have way payed off but they were not willing to work with me even though that I was a customer for 2years and need some time no deal didnt care so lost everything…….

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