Bo and Shawn at Genview


Bo and Shawn at Genview Genview Corp. Invoice 1999 Tellepsen St. Houston Texas 77023 Tel: 281 513 7010 Fax: 281 538 1998 DATE: 06/21/18 Invoice # 180621 LabX Beware of these thieves Houston/League City Houston/League City!!. I have bought a couple lasers from Genview Corp in Texas. When I fealt like I could trust them, I bought a large purchase from them. When I received the laser it was A. not functional. B. major damages. C. They did not believe any of the experts I paid to come and try and get it working. The laser showed up not working and thye ignored me for several months. I had OEM experts come in and found out they sent me a laser that needs nearly $20,000 in repairs. I finally spoke to Bo the President. He said I not afraid, I have lawyer on staff and hung up. Here is the info. Be afraid or stupid to buy from them. Very unethical and very bad to deal with. Genview Corp. 1999 Tellepsen Street Houston Texas 77023 281-513-7010 Invoice #: 180621

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