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Bob Adams Classic Cars Car Investments LLC Sold me a MONEY_PIT with MAJOR problems Scottsdale Arizona!!. I bought a 1963 Cadillac from Bob Adams. It was a money-pit with MAJOR problems, and never ran right from day one. It was advertised as u201cFully restoredu201d and u201cEngine and Transmission Rebuiltu201d. I paid top dollar based on these claims. Had a good mechanic tear into the engine, and it was like peeling layers off an onion. We had to go all the way down to the block, and replace everything. So far, I have about $6,000 in the engine. Got it running, and after driving it a couple times, the transmission won’t shift out of 1st gear. A guy with 40 years experience pulled the trans yesterday, to rebuild it. Only 2 of 12 cross member bolts had any threads. It is a miracle the trans did not fall out. This will be another $2,000 to $3,000 to fix. We did a complete valve job. The inside of the heads were painted. Paint was coming off in the oil, so the screen on oil pick-up was 3/4 clogged with dissolved paint sludge. If we had driven much more, it would have been starved for oil and rod bearings would have spun. The new timing chain was put on a gear that was chewed up, which obviously screwed up the new chain. Distributor was moving several degrees, so the timing fluctuated as it sort of ran. Oil pump was bad, w/ gears worn out. Probably due to the paint sludge. Water pump was bad. We had to replace the crossover tube/therm housing. It leaked like a sieve. Intake manifold was cracked. Whole front end was sloppy, and needed to be replaced. Starter was bad. Leaking transmission cooler lines were patched with rubber fuel lines. The metal fuel line was crushed. The list goes on. I flew to Phoenix to look at it. They knew I was coming, but no one was there but a lot boy. It was blocked in, so I couldn’t drive it. That should have been my first clue, but they seemed like a reputable place. I admit the car is beautiful, but what a mess. You can see many photos and proof here – Of course, Bob Adams gave me a song and dance. He denied everything. Buy at your own risk!!!

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