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Bookbyte is seems to be perpetrating fraud, but who knows Maybe, there is a magical vortex that damages all incoming books…I sent in a pristine book. Without notifying me by email or illustrating with a picture, they indicated on my account that the book was damaged almost a week after they received the book. I called and sent email, and Bookbyte eventually claimed there was binding damage to the book. They admitted that the package was in tact, that, go figure, USPS did a good job of delivering the book. So, where and when did the damage occur? I certainly sent in a pristine book. I sent many email and even called, requesting a picture. I was then sent a picture that could or could not have been our book. The picture illustrated damage to the binding that could be fixed for so many cents with a bit of strong glue. Now, a book worth 100 dollars that I could have at least enjoyed a bit longer is in the hands of Bookbyte, and they will not send any books back. The failure to notify and the supposed damage itself is enough for me to write this review. I learned a lesson though: Read other online reviews. How many times will you find the word “scam” in a Bookbyte review? I am not new to selling books using USPS or UPS, and I have never had such an issue. My Amazon seller rating is 100%. I write the truth here folks.Beware of Bookbyte.

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