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Bridgewater Motorworks SITE PROS ENVIRONMENTAL LLC Unethical Business Practice Bridgewater New Jersey!!. Warning! Stay away from this car Repair Shop and its owner! I noticed noise from the engine bay and suspected that was transmission problem. So I went to Bridgewater take a look at car and eventually I agreed to have the transmission fixed by the shop in September 2014. When the job was half way done after they have removed the transmission, they called me telling me it wasnu2019tu2019 the transmission but the engine u201cis no good.u201d According to their staff, the camshaft bolt was u201cstuckedu201d. At that point they have accumulated many hours in taking off the transmission, in order to simplify the issues, I had no alternative but to ask for a new quote for replacement of both transmission and engine and put the repair on hold. I waited for weeks and they didnu2019t get back to me and so I emailed them. They told me they have put a new transmission in and now they need a 2nd set of key to start the car to test it out. I was surprised because I told them to give me a quote while at the same time put the project on hold. Didnu2019t they tell me that the engine was no good? Why the hell would they put a new transmission on without my authorization? Plus I have given them the set of key they need the day the car was towed in. Then we had a contract dispute. There were many emails back and forth. Eventually the owner of the shop, Greg Burchette, who happens to be the deputy mayor of Hillsborough, told the Bridgewater Police Department stating they cannot get in touch with me and claiming our vehicle u201cabandonedu201d. They have our car towed to Value Towing (65 Old York Rd, Bridgewater, NJ 08807) and caused a summon/ticket to be issued against my girl friend at the time, the legal owner of the vehicle. When we attempted to pick up the car at Value Towing, Value Towing refused to release the car and said u201cGreg called them to do so and we still own Greg money.u201d We insisted on paying up the towing fee of $635 and getting the car out. Value Towing just wouldnu2019t let us, which is illegal. We had to seek help from the Bridgewater Police Department. And a police officer called Greg to ascertain what happened. Eventually with the help of the Bridgewater Police Department, we were able to get the car out of the Value Towing. And Greg then conveyed his message that u201che wants to give us a good dealu201d and implore us to go back to his shop. The summon for abandonment of vehicle above was dismissed by the local court because A. Greg didnu2019t show up on the return day. B. The accusation was a joke. Greg lied to the Police Department and the Court just attempted to force us to pay him, for a sum that he might or might not entitle to! Now Bridgewater Motor Works and I were in the court for contract dispute. We send the car in, and we got nothing back but a pending case in courts for contract dispute. We are not sure how this mess will end but we would like to warn any future client: be cautious and stay away from this car shop and its owner!

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