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Re : Miu Yee Emily, So, BA ref.: 343JUQ I would like to complain against The British Airways customer support staff ” NIRMALA” who is a customer service staff at British Airways counter at Heathrow Airport terminal 5 on 11th June, 2012. The incident happened on 11th June, 2012 at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 British Airways customer service counter at 8:00pm. After calls to Britsh Airways customer service and I had been declined to offer help to change date of flight, I drove and showed up in Heathrow airport terminal 5 and handed in my ticket with BA reference no. and asked help from the customer service staff “Nirmala”. I requested her to change my flight to 14th June, 2012 and I can pay the penalty GBP 100 and asked them to reissue a new ticket for me. The working attitude of Ms Nirmala was very rude against me and she said few of their BA customer service staffs had explained to me on the phone that they could not change flight for me. She said that she was sitting at the counter there not to listen to me talking my flight changing date. Although I have explained to her that the Hong Kong ticket agent had closed and it was midnight in Hong Kong. And the flight that I want to cancel was BA027 on 11th June, and was going depart UK 2 hours after. She said this was my responsibility to find help from Hong Kong ticket agent to issue ticket for me and none of the British Airways business. She told me that British Airways could not help and told me to aboard the flight at that time or this ticket would be voided. After repeated request for help, she refused and insisted that she could not help. Lastly, I asked her to cancel my flight on 11th June BA27 22:00. And also asked her to book a seat for me at 14th June BA27 22:00 and left Heathrow Airport in very disappointed to British Airways. How can British Airways Airlines offer such a bad service to their customer ? Why they cannot offer better services as other airlines, eg. Cathay and Virgin. I have experience to change flight in UK from Virgin and Cathay Pacific Airways. The customer service of Cathay Pacific and Virgin Airlines are very friendly to help after keying in my ticket reference no. and easy to change flight on phone by paying penalty GBP 100. Immediately the customer can give me the solution on phone. I am very disappointed to British Airways Airlines and I shall tell my friends not to consider taking BA as their wishing airlines list. Emily

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