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Donít Hire Canna Advisors – They will LOOT YOU

My company hired Canna Advisors last year. They are the worst service providers we have worked with. The people at Canna Advisors are lazy and become unresponsive. We had to fire them within a few months because of the constant delays we were getting in our projects. The people at this company have no respect for their clients. They had contacted us through a cold email and we hired them for several months. However, even though our company had paid them in advance, these people didnít meet the deadlines. They kept requesting an extension and made various excuses for not delivering the products on time. 

We have detailed our experience in detail so anyone can discover the truth behind this shady organization. 

The Constant Delays are Frustrating

The first problem we had with this company was of the constant delays they made. Our company has worked with many service providers, agencies, and freelancers. We know how the service industry works and we had never worked with someone who delays projects by this much. 

Project managers create deadlines with many things in mind. They have multiple teams working on various tasks and thatís why deadlines have to be met. However, Canna Advisors donít respect their clients enough to meet any deadline. We had to halt work on many areas when they told us that they needed more time to work on our brand. It was disappointing to say the least.

We had already paid them in advance and we expected timely delivery of our products. They had promised to create multiple digital assets for our brand and had a deadline to meet. We can accurately say that they delayed our project 4 times. Thatís a long extension by any measure. 

Canna Advisors Make Multiple Excuses

The second biggest issue with this service provider is of the numerous excuses they make. Like we have mentioned, our company has worked with numerous service providers in the past but we hadnít worked with someone as irresponsible as Canna Advisors. These people delayed our projects multiple times and made terrible excuses all the while. 

First they claimed that one of their team members had gone sick. When they failed to meet the second deadline, they claimed that the equipment of their office was facing some issues and only needed several days of work. This is how they treat their clients. 

We got tired of hearing their excuses and thatís why we got rid of their services before the contract ended. Canna Advisors had already delayed our projects by a long time and the losses were unimaginable.

Canna Advisors are Not Worth Hiring

This review is for those who want to figure out if this company is worth the investment or not. And if you have read this review you mustíve noticed that we donít recommend their services in any case. Canna Advisors are terrible service providers and are in no way worth the investment. You should stay away from them. 

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