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Central City Toyota Service Department Deceitful, Shoddy Work, & Overpriced Philadelphia Pennsylvania!!. I Have 2 Complaints; 1. brought in a 1997 Toyota Corolla about a month & half ago for reasons Ball Joint was Bad, the Heater wasnu2019t working correctly, & it was burning oil. I brought it in and was told that it needed a timing belt, oil pan gasket, Oil Change, a ball joint, coolant flush, & thermostat. etc. I received a call that it would cost a little over $1200 for the total cost of the job & I agreed to have the work done for the sake of my daughter using it to get back & forth to work as with running errands with her children. Now my daughter informed me that the heater did not still work correctly & on top of it she had to be towed home by AAA because the car was making loud noises from the engine. I aranged for the car to be towed to Center City Toyotau2019s Service Dept. the next day to have it looked at which which my daughter had to miss a day of work because of this but then it wasnu2019t checked until the following day that I was informed there is a broken rod in the engine and given a price of $2500-$3800 for a used motor to be installed or come down there & buy a New Car!. Mind you that AAA informed my daughter that who ever worked on it & changed the oil Destroyed the motor & meaning that my daughter had No way of missing another day of work or risk being terminated. I stressed to the Service Rep that it was their fault & I wanted a rental until they repaired it but I was told that I would have to pay all costs!.This is Very Unacceptable! Iu2019m Sick & Tired of the Incompetence that they tried to pull by saying there was oil in it when they checked it( Nice Cover Up) when it was documented by AAA that there wasnu2019t & try to pass their Screwup onto myself! 2. I brought in a 1994 Toyota Corolla for a Timing Belt service which should include the Timing Belt, Tensioner, Water Pump, Valve Cover Gasket, & Seals to be perfomed when my car was at 133,000 miles. I was given a price of over $1300 for the job, I agreed since I had oil slowly leaking from the valve cover, Now a few days later I drove to work I heard a bang & a popping noise from the engine, I pulled over & noticed that a spark plug flew out of the cylinder damaging the cylinder threads & my hood, I also noticed the engine ground wasnu2019t connected, & the cable cover over the engine missing which is supposed to be bolted in to secure it was never put back on but completely missing, & now I have 152,000 miles the Valve Cover Gasket is starting to leak again & thereu2019s a grinding noise from one of the pulleys! I used to like their service but it has slowly became nothing more than a growing money pit, the Service Department at Center City Toyota are Not Profesional as they make you beleive but are in every form as a Thief who would steal every cent out of your pocket for their ill gains! Update; I have had my 1997 Toyota Corolla towed to another garage that specializes in engine repairs / installations and was told on Friday March 6, 2018 that the rebuilt engine has arrived and that it’ll need a New Thermostat, Water Pump, & Hoses that was Supposedly replaced, Not even the Oil Pan Gasket was completed by Central City Toyota as I requested even though I Paid for it thinking it was done!. BEWARE CONSUMERS if you decide to have work performed by them as I’m in the Red a little over $8,000 out of pocket that I barely have between the Repairs at Central City Toyota, a purchase of another car so my daughter can get to work, & the replacement of a Rebuilt Engine & Installation all because of the Negligence of Central City Toyota!

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