Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep


Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep Buyer Beware. Used car ripoff. Las Vegas Nevada!!. I tried to purchase a used vehicle from Chapman Dodge. I made an appointment to see a car I had viewed online. When I got there, I was told it was sold. I later found out that was a lie. I was steered towards another car that was similar in design and price. I did a test drive and spent the next three hours in the office while the deal was being “approved”. I signed the paperwork and drove the car home. A few days later the salesman called and said that they needed to go with a different finance company and I would need to come back in and sign new paperwork. I was out of town on vacation but came back in when I returned. The deal had changed considerably and I was going to have to put $500.00 more down, which I agreed to. The temporary tags were about to expire so I asked for new ones and they said they cpouldn’t do that or they would get a $10,000.00 fine. According to the DMV, that was another lie. A couple weeks dragged on and the financing was still not approved. In the meantime, my wife got a very expensive ticket for having expired tags. I called the dealership and demanded new tags until the deal was done and they decided to back out of the deal. I called a lawyer and he said that they would have to refund my down payment and return my trade in. The guy from the dealership that I returned the car to verified that. I have been to the dealership twice to pick up my refund and have been told to wait while the check is being processed. After several hours, I was told that person dealing with it had gone home. My trade in is nowhere to be seen. Six months later and still no refund or trade in.

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