Crash Proof Retirement Review


I have known Phil Cannella since well before he started the Crash Proof Retirement Show. Based on that knowledge here is how you can tell if Phil is lying: watch his lips, if they’re moving he’s lying. The sword of truth. Almost everything the man says is an exaggeration or an outright lie. Don’t buy the pathetic attempt at self defense here, no doubt by his personal spin doctor Salerno, and there’s another career gone up in flames. Same with Mike Neft and others, who were respectable till they met Phil. Phil has the opposite of the Midas touch, everyone he touches turns to garbage. Btw have you ever seen a dumber title for a rebuttal than Phil is NOT a thief, bully etc using all the same accusations? That’s some brilliant SEO Phil! | The big lie begins with Phil’s fairy tale romance to Joann Small. To hear him talk this is the heart warming story of two lost souls who met late in life, fell in love and lived happily everafter. The truth, they were both married and to the best of my knowledge still are. She walked out on a husband with terminal cancer. He threw his family into chaos, and speaking of family if you go to a seminar try to get his daughter Erica off by herself, ask her what she thinks of dear old Dad. If she’s honest you’ll get an earful. Or look up his other daughter Jessica who moved out of state after they had a physical confrontation in a local restaurant. Sooner or later it comes tot hat with everyone in Phil’s circle. He’s had public confrontations with everyone in his family including his young sons and Small as well. | Cannella treats his employees like slaves. He has a well known terrifying temper that can erupt at any moment. Employees could tell you about how often meetings turn into a profane shouting match on Phil’s part. He gets off on humiliating people in front of an audience and they live in fear of him. This is one sick puppy. | He lies about the famous Wharton study implying it speaks for all crash proof vehicles which are really annuities. The truth? This is bs. The study represents maybe 100 annuities which were hand picked by agents for the study. No wonder the results look good but they’re nowhere near as good as Cannella implies on his infomercial or at his sales seminars. They did not beat the S&P every year since 1995 as he states, that is a flatout lie, look it up. The clients who got double digit returns got them because of sign-up bonuses. To keep those bonuses you are locked into contracts for double digit year or else you pay a substantial surrender charge. To imply the average client will get 10 or 15% every year is fraud. Cannella knows this, I wonder how many clients do. They’ll find out the hard way if they ever need the money. | The attacks on Phil are not from competitors as he claims but from good folks from all walks of life who he has abused horribly. Read the current lawsuit on the site truthbaoutcannella. Where this really gets insane in his comparisons to Martin Luther King or even CHRIST. He puts himself in that category especially when he talks about them being persecuted. The MLK reference is especially obnoxious in light of Phil’s well documented racism. Phil Cannella may or may not be able to crash proof your retirement but he is a miserable excuse for a father and a man. For that alone he is unworthy of your business. People like Phil should not be rewarded for their sins. The only consolation he will lose everything in the end even Small. Count on it.

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