Behind the Scenes are people who are highly trained Scam Artists and they know how to steal money from you. Worked at this company for 9 months. I was lied to and promised opportunity for promotion in about 8 months, upon, and when I did apply for the open promotion, they gave it to a person who had only been at the company for 2.5 months vs 8-months (being me). They say they do promotions based off quarter reviews and performance. Performance is understandable, which I was acknowledged for. Though, overall is nonsense, given my predicament. Also, 5 of my co-workers who I worked with when I first started in Processing, all got promoted within 8 months to better positions, 2 of which got promoted at the same time at 8-months of experience. The company has a fake culture that they force upon you, not because they cherish or practice anything religiously. Most, especially managers, of the people put on a fake, bubbly, super-nice personality, so, everyone seems nice upfront, but, when you actually start working truly in the atmosphere, it’s a different animal entirely. Don’t slip up with what you say verbally or electronically. DO NOT go into the processing department for this company, where I was, horrible micromanager and uneven work-to-pay-load.

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