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This man undercuts competition with lower pricing, but, will never put anything in writing. After giving him a verbal commitment to build a large backyard deck we asked for a written contract or quote – he was always too busy. We asked for a drawing and materials list needed to submit for a village permit – he avoided these requests and never submitted anything.When asked about who was to obtain the village permit (him or us) – he said we did not need a permit as we were replacing a deck already in place. Only after we called the village to confirm the need for a permit (which we did), we confronted him and he said our price was going to have to be much higher because the permit acquisition and and multiple inspection requirements by the village were going to cause him delays and extra work. | We then told him that we were not comfortable with his resposes or lack thereof and we did not want to use his service. He became very irritated and told us he already had the permit and he was going to charge us for all the work he had done so far. | We knew he did not have a permit because he never asked us for a plat of survey and our realestate tax ID number which is required at time of submitting for the permit. So, he lied, again. He called us cowardly and said he would pursue action to be paid for all his work thus far. Other than our first meeting we had nothing but phone conversations or text messages. | If that deck had been built, eventually we would have been uncovered by a village authority and the worst case is that we would have had to tear it down and possibly pay a fine while he would have escapped with our money. | Beware of this man as he advertises in the Norhtwest Suburban Daily Herald in the classified section every day. His catch prase is “Let Me Deck You” – Over 1000 decks built with 30 years experience.

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