Delta Services, Inc.


It all started on May 10, 2016 whenI saw an ad on the internet which said offer job security ($ 19hr) and cleaning ($ 17.50hr) I was interested in cleaning work so call this # and talk to Lian (347) 549-0473. She gave me information and told me I had no training as I had to be trained and certified by the state, he told me that his company could train the. If I accepted for the position I would have to take a mandatory training 24hr state and that would cost me $ 75 which such training would prepare me for the “open positions”. The next day I had an appointment (160 Pearl St. NY NY 10005 Suite 201 2nd Floor) attended me Ramon Rosario chief Lian, took me to his office and started talking, I was explaining the cleaning job but as naturity I hablama English offered me the job for security guard told me that in the pociciones security would earn more money than in the pociciones cleaning, I told him that I had no knowledge of what is security, in which he told me that his company trained them and I had to take a course in 8hr 16hr Preallocating and job training. The training lasted for 3 consecutive days 8hrs each day. He said if I accepted that I had to pay $ 75 for registration by training, exactly as in the cleaning work. I accept the pay they were offering that day pay what the pro registration later told me I had to pay for the course also where I felt a little uncomfortable because they had told me I had to pay more money apart from the $ 75 of registration “by training” which was $ 225. I did return on May 15 to pay what faltava me that day gave me a paper with an address to go to training on 18,19 and 20 May at 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 pm (391 East 149th suite 309. St Bronx NY) in which attended the first day we took a test and we left the next day and ask them to come back when I will give my certificates in which Mr. reviewed some papers and told me that I not it was on the list to attend your class and you return me to reclaim my money, which I call Rosario to claim (347-261-2206 – 347-821-1018) and tell me that brings me to the office to talk, which was that moment and sent me to another direction to take training (109 West 38th St.suite 304 Ny NY) May 31 day of junio.ahi 1Y2 tube not any inconvenience and when I delivered my sertificados I leave the job I had, thinking it would work towards safety after Rosario tells me I have to pay NYS Id cost me $ 10, $ 102 and $ fingerprint security 36por license. All that I had not told the princiopio.cai in his game. When you finish making all the paperwork, Rosario sends me to a job interview “Metro One Loss Prevention” in which they tell me they pay $ 9hr. and that they would call me if I accepted for the position. I was robbed and cheated by lies, I lost my time and my money. Call that moment to Rosario and tells me rudely that I have because aumetos be asking because I have no experience. I eh demaciado lost more money in the passages because I live in NJ and course work is in NY I have no way support me and I hope you can help me to recover porlomenos eh lost everything, thanks.. I demand 600. Stay away

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