Ectaco Complaint


Be careful if you intend to buy something from this company as I got scammed with one of their products, Voice Translator English Russian for Pocket PC. They claim that the software can translate your voice from English to Russian and the way around but it never worked. I contacted them and after back and forth of emails I was told that the software it was not compatible with my Pocket PC. So I asked for a refund but was told it was not possible, it is against their policies, then I asked for a replacement, a software that works even if the price was less. They replied that I had to buy the software as a discount price. After more haggling they sent me a key for a dictionary but it never worked. So I gave up. I filed a complain against them on BBB Canada, they reviewed it and contacted the company, I am waiting, it may take a few weeks. So think twice before buying something from this company, you”d better find one who at least has the decency of giving your money back on products that don”t work.

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