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What you need to know, the good EZ claim and the bad EZ claim the owner Lester Dinerstein has a rebuttal to the seven or so Rip Off reports on this site with an elaborate story about the good ez claim sued the bad ez claim and shut down their website etc. The story is the bad ez claim was taking orders and not fulfilling them. And I read the story before ordering my small claims service. | I’m going to say I feel for that story. Well, know I’ve sharpened up they likely the same company. And it was all a cover to get away with stealing with this incredible story. Ez claims was a victim and they will help you get justice. LOL. So I ordered and it did go well slow, but ultimately they filed but did not file the POS on my claim, therefore the judge did not award me the cost for Ez claims. So I ask for resolution, ignored. | I charged back my Credit card, Ez claims did not dispute with my Bank. Then an irate and abusive, in my opinion, dangerous individual no one here wants to meet. I meet him in Fontana court, trailer trash in a neighborhood where the median income is about $40,000.00. Scary place. | Guy about seventy years old. His website has not legal term and conditions that allow so Lester Dinnerstein believes. So I’m in northern California and EZ claims sues me, I mess up asking for the venue request, I had to drive to Fontana Court. I forgot my doctor letter for why I missed the court date and therefore was denied a motion to vacate. I’m still litigating, but in the negative money wise already. | Ez claims as with other collections type people do venue filings and victimize customers. Fed case this is an experienced scam artist using the court to victimize people.. ecf.cacd.uscourts.gov/doc1/031122239788 or DINERSTEIN. in Fontana court Dinerstein V ZARTARIAN APPARENTLY A WEBSITE DESIGNER NO PERSONAL APPEARANCES BY EITHER PARTY. GHOSTS, THE START OF THE CON, YOU GUYS INVESTIGATE IT THEIR I JUST STARTING TO UNRAVEL THE CON ARTIST. Do not even take a chance, my experience all rip off reports which I think are connected. Ez Claim took 395 dollars did file POS and that cost me the $395 in damages so far.

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