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I bought a bunk bed for my kids just before Christmas time (late November) It arrived with the footboard damaged (wood split at support beam where the safety slats go into the upper beam) I attemptd to get the part replced and Flatfair.com Customer service (Adarn Inc) claimed the parts were not avalable and would only offer a partial refund or pay to have the part repaired…it’s wood and part of the main structure of a bunk bed- there’s no “repairing” a split in a main wood beam of a bunk bed. | So, I contacted the Manufacturer. As it turns out they COULD help, however due to thier sales contract with Adarn/FlatFair.com they are required to let them(Adarn, the retailer) try to remedy the situation first. Well Adarn/Flatfair is of Zero help and the parts MIGHT be avalable from the actual manufacturer so now I need to work the chain of command with them to hopefully resolve the situation so my kids can have thier new bed by New Years. Maybe. | It boils down to this: Adarn/FlatFair dosen’t want to do anything so they offer a pittance refund on a majr part of the assembly that really needs to be replaced in whole. Then they hamstring the Manufacturer into not being able to help the customer because it looks like they are taking care of the customer when really its a smokescreen to scam customers out of rectification of the situation.

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