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I had approached Future Quest Marketing to market and build me a turn-key website for $495. I was not pleased with how generic and poor the website turned out. At first the customer service was great. They would return calls within an hour after I left a voicemail and sometimes even sooner. Of course after I had informed them that I was displeased with the website and wanted a refund…my phone calls were not being returned. Surprise, Surprise! The phone numbers I had been calling were 561-988-5346 and 888-363-2829. Of course the new phone number on their website is 800-267-0127. When I ordered the website on their site it explained that marketing for the website would be $189 and it would last for a total of 30 days. This would get you 10,000 visitors to your website and the first page that was to appear was the payment page also known as the join page. Well this was not the case at all. The cheaply made website had the join/payment page at the end where very few visitors would visit or see. After I had placed the order for $495 for the website creation and an additional $189 for marketing for 30 days of 10,000 guaranteed visitors to the site…I was told that the marketing is for 6 months and not 30 days??? That is not what I wanted and nor is that stated on their website. They offer free marketing on your own which is a total joke. Many of the website links they refer you to are not even available anymore? Here are some of the websites that are down and no longer available to use…but of course they still have them on their website as a tool for you to use for marketing??? www.cozyfrog.com www.naughty.com www.tomsnewbiebooster.com www.abigadultdirectory.com no longer allows you to submit webpages In the search engine placement for SEO Exciter the video tutorials will not play and keep saying that videos is not found? There is also suppose to be FREE places to market your website but in fact they end up charging you a fee? www.submitexpress.com wants you to pay a monthly fee along with www.submit5.com. On the banner exchanges www.aipbannerx.com and www.firstbannerexchange.com are no longer working. These are just a few of several website links that are not working? Why would you refer customers to websites that are no longer available? On the payout page of adultfactory.com/payout.html it states about “on average, our adult website owners get one new paying membership for every 200-300 visitors that go the payment page? THATS WHY I WANTED THE PAYMENT PAGE TO APPEAR ON THE FIRST OR 2ND PAGE!! Unfortunately the payment page was located on the LAST page where very few even visit due to such poor quality website design. John and Michael (2 employees) told me that the website design was to be set up that the visitors would be sent directly to the payment page on the 1st or 2nd click. This was not how it was designed and I feel I was lied to and misled. So now instead of 200-300 visitors to your site its more like 2000-3000 need to visit your page in order to get 1 sign up or membership??? So basically on average you would get 2-3 new members per 10,000 visitors??? HAHA, so I pay $495 for a poorly designed website and then $189 for 10,000 visitors that will make me possibly $50-75 a month??? WHAT?? Oh, I forgot to mention about the monthly $50 hosting fee that Future Quest Marketing charges you to keep your website up and running??? I have nothing good to say about this company and want to let others know that in my opinion its nothing but another internet SCAM and it will be the last one I fall for. It just bothers me how these online companies can false advertise on their website… www.adultfactory.com and www.futurequestmarketing.com. All this does is mislead and ripoff consumers. I would like a credit of $495 that went towards the poorly built website and I would like a credit of $189 for the 10,000 visitors package. Donít do business with this company!

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