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Governor Kasich is selectively abusing his authority at the State Medical Board, allowing certain male physicians to be ‘protected’ and other women MDs to ‘take the fall’ and lose their jobs & employment for objecting to wrong patient care. It’s not about patient care, it’s about who can donate the most to the Republican Party come election time – got to keep the guy working even if he is a jerk with no common sense. Women MDs are blamed that they distracted the male MDs with no possibility of that being the truth. Male MDs should be able to keep their focus when the patient has fractures and could not possibly be ‘seductive.’ Governor Kasich should be able to keep his focus that this is a ‘rotter’ excuse for bad medical care, ie boys being boys care should not be going on in Ohio. And this is how Anita Steinbergh DO explains away this stuff. At the State Medical Board of Ohio, it’s a blame game with no real insight about what causes wrong care for women patients especially in Ohio. Men make mistakes, women make mistakes – but the mistake issue won’t be solved by taking the licenses of women MDs with no patient complaint who try to say that mistakes happen and have to be referred, consulted and the care corrected. Women patients can’t refer themselves after a mistake – there has to be a no-fault policy that the physician accepting the care after an unanticipated result will not be blamed. As in other states. And that not just a male MD can call to get the care referred. Male MDs in Ohio don’t answer the cell phone for women MDs – that’s just a ‘girl.’ Medical care has many mistakes in every state. Governor Kasich knows this but blames the women MDs – when all they did was try to correct, stop, and undo the wrong care. MD licenses in Ohio are taken daily, for what the Ohio Medical Board calls ‘making too much of wrong care.’ This is quoting Anita Steinbergh DO. Then the Medical Board sells this to the National Data Bank that objecting to wrong care on yourself is an ‘unknown mental disorder’ – one that every patient has. No one should sit there while bad medical care is done to them, no one should not be able to question their own medical or dental care. This is 2014. If ‘care’ nearly kills, maims, or disables someone – then this wrong care needs to be improved. If a mistake doesn’t make any difference, then the mistake is ‘silent’ – but most mistakes in medical care make a serious difference. And it’s not ‘making too much’ to say that you need a cast on a fracture, the right x-ray, or blood work. Women who complain to get records, or get the care to be referred – when the physician is a Medical Board ‘friend’ – get their licenses suspended. Not for their patient care, but for not handling the ‘mistakes’ the right way – which is???? But ‘making too much of wrong care’ – ie reporting it so that it gets consultation, referral – is not against state law. However Governor Kasich is allowing gross injustice, loss of jobs of good women MDs, and not allowing them ‘care to function.’ The care that is going on in Ohio for women’s fractures, thyroid problems, and just generally for women – unless you are Mrs. Governor Kasich – the care is bad. Governor Kasich needs to improve the situation at the State Medical Board and has done nothing about this in 3-plus years; he just hangs up. Not a priority to help women MDs keep a job. Jobs are only important for men.

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