Great American Restoration


We did a few jobs for this company and ever since we have been trying to get paid. They have all these locations but yet can’t pay the people who do the work. I own my own roofing company and do exactly what they do except my guys are in house. I have been waiting for a ton of money from them since Feb 2018. This is now June 2018. I have contacted the home owners to let them know my next step is to take the customers to court with Great American Restsortion. Where we did the work on is where I can also put the LIEN againsted the house. I told the home owners to get a Lien waiver before they made the final payment. That would mean Great American would have to pay me before they get their last payment. No one listened so now we have to drag the customer through the mud as well. Beaware of hiring companies and know your rights as a contractor and a customer. Companies like this give my company a bad name in the industry and they should not be open.

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