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On December 17, 2016, I contacted Grohe through their online messaging system, requesting a replacement for the cartridge that corresponded to the Grohe tub-shower-handle trim I uploaded a picture of. | The representative replied by only saying (1) that multiple cartridges are associated with that trim; I’d have to remove the handle/faucet and see the valve or cartridge in order to ID the cartridge I needed and (2) multiple ways I could *Purchase* the needed cartridge. No words anywhere near resembling “please reply with the needed cartridge info and we’d be happy to send you a replacement cartridge under our lifetime warranty program policy.” | Below is the reply I received, with the rep’s name removed, due to his likely-hopeful-embarassment over his failure to reinforce their intention to replace the cartridge for free: | “That trim has been used on multi valves. You will need to ID the valve in the wall to be able to order a cartridge. | You can purchase directly from Grohe. You can follow this link to our online parts shop. | If you would like to purchase the parts from a Grohe dealer here is the link to find a dealer in your area. | You can also contact a Grohe Specialist at to purchase the part. You can contact them at 855-482-5074. | You can also order parts through | xxxxx | Email Customer Care Support Rep, LIXIL Water Technology” | Long story short, for the sake of speed and frustration-avoidance, I ended up buying the cartridge and then writing to Grohe — by regular mail — for a *refund* for the $123.44 cartridge. | Their response again was not what I asked for. This time, they are sending me a cartridge, which of course I no longer need! I want the money I had already spent on the new cartridge. | If any truly-customer-service oriented Grohe personnel are out there responding to these ripoff complaints, I’d still appreciate the refund. If the customer service person had been doing their job in the first place, they would have (1) referred me to the Warranty Department I now know exists and (2) Stated that the Warranty Department would be happy to send a free replacement cartridge, which is their policy, after my plumber identifies the cartridge for me. | I’d also like to recommend that Grohe and other plumbing products make it much easier to tell what interior pieces are needed just by looking at the exterior trim. There shouldn’t be multiple interior pieces associated with any given exterior trim, IMHO.

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