Guardian Service Industries, Inc.


Warning to all prospective employees for Guardian Service Industries, Inc. THEY ARE not guaranteeing employment opportunities. Full time treated like temp employee taking benefits and cutting hours to avoid paying benefits though employees should be asked to surrender benefits. You can work work work for a few months to suddenly be told you can’t work for a few months. Companies looking to hire them with a focus on morals SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM THEM! | Guardian Service Industries, Inc. is privately owned, does not care for their employees even temp employees. Even if you take away benefits from temp employees please at least give them call out work or more work in the mean time. Please stop hiring people too frequently as it pushes out others too fast. I AM JUST TRYING TO DO AN HONEST JOB AND NOT ROB STEAL KILL ETC. that others out there are doing. I AM DOING MY BEST. You are hurting us. | This is why there is suicide and shootouts all over the country. I am not like that but this is not good. IF they retaliate updates will be posted here. I am completely staying anonymous. Various posted numbers in response to bad reviews are disconnected which i think is a tactic to identify the complainants. | It is easy to say apply to work elsewhere but every company, though not obligated, should take care of their employees. This company is lying about that. Prospective employees should stay away from Guardian Service Industries, Inc. as they are not that trustworthy.

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