We are a translation company based in the US and we were contracted by Alessandro Previtali of Holiplanet Holiday Rental based in Kowloon Hongkong to do translation work for their various real estate properties listed in their website. | We have provided complete translation work that has been submitted in the last quarter of 2015. We have made several attempts to collect for payment from Alessandro Previtali who is our main contact. He is the key account manager of the company. Despite several attempts to collect payment for work completed, they have not made any payment and have not responded to any of our emails. | They owe us $1,200 dollars for the translation work. If you are contacted by Alessandro Previtali representing Holiplanet Holiday Rental for any translation work, we strongly urge you to stay away from this company. They are not a company you want to do business with. | These are their contact information. Please be advised accordingly.

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