This Hayder Alexander RODAS BALCERO has been raving for years in the Internet scam. He would be wanted by the FBI and Interpol … | We find Philippe ARNEL on numerous sites at the head of various companies more or less involved in scams. | He is married to Maria Mirtes DAS NEVES ARNEL, born on . She would be a lawyer and most likely an accomplice of Philippe ARNEL | For scams in the Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking world. | Known home: | SAO MATEUS – 29930-360 | For some scams, Philipppe ARNEL does not hesitate to cross the borders and return to Europe. It was in Spain in January 2015 and in Poland in May 2015. | We have the certainty that HENAO JULIAN HENAO is involved in two very big scams that have caused dozens of victims in France and in Belgium

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