Investigative Services, Inc. Review


I received a phone call from 773-809-8240; since I didnít recognize the number I let it go to voicemail. When I was alerted by my phone that a voicemail had been left, I checked it. The message was left by an individual identifying herself as “Michelle Jordan” an investigator for some state, or government agency, and that the message was for… (a name was mumbled, what parts were somewhat understandable I knew wasn’t mine)… in regards to case “140201” and that if the person or their attorney didn’t return the phone call that it would result in a felony arrest. I didn’t want to be harassed for someone elseís legal troubles so I wrote down the name of the person that contacted me and the case number, and called them back. The individual that answered the phone sounded like the same person that had left the message, I told her that the person they were trying to contact wasn’t anyone I knew or related to my number; to which I was replied “okay sir, Iím sorry about that, I will make sure to file the paperwork with our records department so that you wonít be contacted in the future, thank you and good-bye”. I found that it was very odd that no name, case , or phone number was asked for, so I immediately searched the number online and the results showing nothing regarding anything “official”.

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