Jerry’s Well Service Review


We built a new shop and got quotes from 5 other compaines that put in water lines. They were all from $800- $1500 including Jerry’s Well Service ( Jerry Ulrich.) Jerry call us back in Nov and asked us if we still needed water lines put in I said yes he said he could do it the next day I said super. So they came out and started to trench the water line in. ( Rember this is 7 foot under ground) His guys hit a rock 7 foot under ground and broke a peice off there trencher. So they had to stop and go get it welded. When they left the put a shut off valve in the water line and put it in backwards so we had water comming out of the ground for 3 days . We called him and he said if he had time he would come over in fix it in a week or so . I asked what are you not coming back to finish the job ?? he said maybe he did not know when. He said that I should of known there was a rock that big in my yard. WOW I said how do you know what is 7 foot under ground. Long story short they showed back up 4 days later to finish the job. I has water line and eletric wires located and they still took the trencher and wrecked them both. They got the job done and left with out filling in the trench we had to fill it all in. The bill Jerr’s Well Service ( Jerry Ulrich ) sent me was almost $3000.00 for a 800- 1500 job. I asked him why it was so high he said he hit a rock and wanted me to pay for the fixing of his trencher. That not right I told him he said to bad you need to pay me. I told him I would give him what he quoted me and that was all he started to yell and chew me out and told me he was going to take me to court. GOOD LUCK I SAID . I called around to a few other compaines and asked them what would happen if they did it and hit a rock they said that is what they have insurance for . I asked a few others about Jerry Ulrich in Armstrong , Iowa after this deal was done they said he will screw his own mother and dad over if he had the chance . Sounds like a good guy don’t it . Best thing to do is stay away from Jerry Ulrich ( Jerry’s Well service Armstrong, Ia ) he will try to take advantage of you any chance he has So he tring to make me pay for fixing his trencher and trying to charge me for filling in my own trench and charged me for fixing the water line they broke and stuck me with the bill from the electric guy coming out to fix the wires they broke Remember Jerry’s Well service Armstrong, Ia BEWARE HE IS A CROOK

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