John Casablancas Modeling & Acting Agency Review


They tried the same tactics on my family. They play on a young girls dreams. Good thing I came from NYC, and recieved a good education. I was able to read through their ruze. They tried to pull the “We only have 12 slots open” $2000 for the class with an 18% interest rate. Why wont they let you think about it and get back to them? Afraid you might investigate and find out the truth? Why do they go to another state to find people? Ever tried to get money back from somewhere out of state? Its a night mare! Just think about it… teach you to walk, wear make up? The photographer tells the model what poses to do, and the model has professional make up people to do teir make up. The biggest thing is if it sounds too good to be true… it is! Listen to what the say…think about it, think things through, investigate, and most important! Never ever rush into anything… dont let them push you, thats how they get you! Have pictures done and send them to real reputable agency’s. If you have it! Then they will get in touch with you and front the money… like an investment! They will make their money back plus…

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