Lanier Parking Solutions Complaint


April 15, 2019 Citation numbers ([protected]) Space number: 58 Tag number: DV58937 (AL) On April 13, 2019 at 1:30 pm, I paid by credit card for 2 hours of parking for a total of $6:00 at space number 58. I know this time because we were late for reservations at a local venue in Atlantic Station. My parking time should not have expired until 3:30 pm. Attached is a picture of the time we returned to our vehicle and observed the citation. I know for a absolute fact that I was not at this parking meter prior to 1:30 pm, because we were stopped in I-75 traffic at 1:18 pm and did not get to the specified location until 1:30 pm or minutes thereafter. When I returned to my vehicle, I had a citation time stamped for 04/23/2019 @ 15:18 (3:18 pm) issued by 005 for expired meter. the issuance of the citation was within the time frame that I paid for. The issue is not the the parking fees itself, but the use of malfunctioning devices or the unethical behavior of an agent of Lanier Parking Solutions. I waited for a short period for someone to return, but to no one returned. I am in the process of having my card company research the exact time of my swiped transaction, as well as disputing my transactions via the online process.

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