LG Electronics Review


Procedure for resolving disputes page 56 Warranty. I was using my device sparingly when I noticed smoke coming out the back of the device. The device was in my hand at the time of the out of control worn operation. The device was in hand for the purpose of dialing and receiving phone calls. The device started to crack and became extremely heated. I had to release the device from my hand to keep from being injured. The over heating of the back of the device caused the device to be jarred. This particular device the battery is not removable. The device still works yet the accessory of phone such as the back of the device and screen needs to be replaced. I went to return the device to the store location where I purchased the device the company had relocated with no forwarding address. Boost Mobile is the company location where I purchased my device. Arlene Nails Chatman [protected]@yahoo.com contact [protected]

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