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Around August 24th 2015 I was offered a good deal of price from this company called Luckeymart. They found me via email and that time, there were several emails offering me the similar thing, but not this one, they said to have the hard drive that I was looking for. When I see their website, they sell a lot of China-produced things like powerbanks and stuffs, but when I asked them, they said it was only for SEO. The thing that made me not having suspicion to them was that they can provide me several authentic photos of the actual products. And also they gave me the company HSBC account number. Don’t you think it’s too good to be true? Who would think a corporate can do such things? At August 28th 2015 I made the payment purchasing quite a lot of those hard drives. Before I got to transfer, the supplier was very very eager to contact me, but what do you know, the classic scam happened. They said to send the goods by August 31st but up until Sept 2nd, they said the goods not ready yet. And they made excuses that they send it to the other cargo (not my cargo agent which I usually use), tell us to think it is safe, and etc. Up until now, they are not brave enough to give their phone number, the phone numbers on the website was fake (no one answers, I already get the help from my relative in China). Lesson learned here, just beware guys.

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