Lumisse Complaint


As another unhappy customer of these online products, i shout buyer beware!!! The products offered at a low cost not only do not work but are tied to time sensitive alerts. What i failed to read in the small print ( if any such did exist) was the “agreement” to cancel by phone within 30 days. Of course the products take time to show any results (Which they did not) i stopped using the products altogether and forgot about them until i received two more packages from them. I called their customer service rep – asked for a rma# to return. She said she would cancel for further shipments but i could not return these products, costing $89.85. She also informed me the company charged an additional $89.85 because i had not cancelled within 60 days of initial purchase. Needless to say, i feel stupid for falling prey to the original ads. Therefore, buyer beware!!!

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