mizner park veterinary clinic boca raton Florida


Complaint: I called and made an appointment they told me to bring my pets doctor records or docs phone number upon arriving I told them my pet was very sick vomiting not eating and not wanting to be touched… after waiting about an hour, the doctor came into the room and said where is your drivers license i told him i rushed out of the house in a panic for this emergency visit and i forgot to bring it in but dont worry i will pay cash if i have too and bring back my drivers license to you my baby is very sick please check her…. he then told me if he was a cop he would arrest me for driving with out a license….. i told him your vet tech at the front desk already called my usual doctors office who by the way is in the hospital very sick…. and his tech already spoke to your tech for my babies medical records so she will will vouch for me and my poor baby. He then got very nasty and made me leave refusing to help my very sick pet! i then had to find another vet. doc i finally did and they took her in immediatly and checked her vitals her temperature was at a deathly 104.8 o my god I hope my baby doesnt die cause this uncaring angry so called doctor denied her medical help and lied when he swore an oath to protect and help the animals. I will try to have him shut down for malpractice and lying so the others who might go to him wont take the chance of of having there pets die or get worse due to not being seen and waisting time to be seen and waisting more time to find another vet…

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Address: 810 north federal highway boca raton, Florida United States of America

Website: www.miznervet.com/

Phone: 561 391 3203

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