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Nine University is an overpriced Amazon FBA course you should avoid. With fake positive reviews and a toxic fan base, Nine University is a horrible virus created by Kale and Taylor. 

Well, the virus part seems a little overboard but it is still a fraud establishment. 

If you are a big fan of Nine University, then this review is going to be a rollercoaster for you. But I strongly suggest that you read through and don’t just scroll to the comment section to call me names. 

I’ll uncover why Nine University is a scam and how they operate. I also reveal how they have constructed a totally bogus reputation online by posting fake reviews. 

So without beating around the bush, let’s see how Nine University makes millions per year from scamming people online.

Note: So as you might’ve noticed, there’s a video on top of this post. I do not own that video, it’s rightfully of Coffezilla, who is a fake guru buster. I’m not that much into his channel but I have included this video here because I fear it might get taken down from his channel. Nine University is really quick at copyright striking videos on YouTube, especially if it’s of someone criticizing their holy course. 

I hope Coffezilla doesn’t mind me sharing his video here. I’ve posted a link to the original video in the captions and if you would like to support his cause, then definitely check out his channel. That guy has a lot of great content. He is like the Pewdiepie of exposing scams online, though I’m not a fan of his style of commentary, you might like it.

Brains Behind Nine University

Kale Abrahamson

Kale Abrahamson is what you’ll call a freaking overachiever, at least that’s what I understood when I glanced over his LinkedIn profile. He started his professional journey as a CEO of his own company back in May 2015. The company was 515 Hoverboards LLC and he claims to have made $75k from selling Hoverboards to a local mall with his online store. Then he got a scholarship and became a Division 1 Basketball Player at Northwestern University (Drake University, Duquesne University). Soon After, he worked as a business consultant at a company called AerdiA from January 2016 to May 2016. After that, he was weirdly a business consultant to the university he graduated from. And then he started the infamous Nine University (Boost Nine, Honey Badger Boost), where he is currently the CEO.

Now when a normal guy reads this, he’s definitely thinking to himself, “Oh gosh, this guy has achieved so much, he must know what he’s talking about”. But except for the scholarship, NONE of the facts mentioned on his LinkedIn profile are verifiable. Except for the Nine University stuff. I’m not going to question the authenticity of the many successes of Kale but verifiability should be considered when judging how gifted Kale Abrahamson really is.

Taylor Hiott

Taylor Hiott is the co-owner and the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Nine University. 

Unlike Kale, Taylor Hiott is not so much of an overachiever, he’s more like an average achiever. He worked as an office assistant at the University of North Carolina for four months before he probably got fired. Then he was a community assistant coordinator at North Carolina State University, and he kept that job for a solid 10 months. After that, he was basically a receptionist for 4 to 13 year-old children at NetSports (ouch, what an upgrade). Then his big break came through when worked at Lenovo from 2013-16 as an inside sales representative and then got promoted to account executive in January 2016 and apparently he still works at that job. Weird. And currently, he works with our boy Kale on Nine University, Boost Nine, and Honey Badger Boost.

Compared to Kale, Taylor Hiott is a very mediocre guy, so I think there’s a high chance that Kale came up with the idea and Taylor just got in because his life wasn’t leading up to good. But I’m not here to judge, but still, I didn’t expect a Lenovo Account Executive to have a second life where he scams people online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nine University legit?

No. Nine University is an overpriced Amazon FBA course with dozens of fake positive reviews posted everywhere. KT9 is just another scam operation which targets aspiring entrepreneurs and manipulates them into paying thousands of dollars. 

Why are there tons of positive Nine University reviews online?

Those reviews are often posted by undisclosed affiliates who charge money for every customer they get. They might pose as an honest review, but in reality they are just trying to convince the reader to shell out money.

Why arenít there any Nine University bad reviews?

Nine University owners delete reviews from Trustpilot and BBB. Whenever someone posts their real experience with Nine University on YouTube, KT9ís PR team quickly copyright strikes them and takes down the video.

Should I buy the Nine University Course?

No. It is extremely overpriced, outdated, and provides no extra value.

Are there any alternatives to Nine University?

Amazon has its very own Seller University which is completely free. If you are an Amazon seller then you can access it very easily by going to this link.

Are you affiliated with Nine University?

Nope. Definitely not.

Nine University Review 2020: Avoid At All Cost!

A little background: I had been dabbling in Amazon FBA for a couple of months before I got into the Nine University rabbit hole. My experience with FBA has been amazing and I would say that Amazon FBA is legit, on the other hand, Nine University is a total scam. 

I come from a very poor background. My parents live in the projects and as an African American individual, I really felt I had fewer options to choose from. I was trying a ton of different things like Forex, etc. But I only lost money because I simply lacked the knowledge and experience that these fields required. Then one day I stumbled upon an Udemy ad for Amazon FBA. Those guys claimed that you can make a living out of selling things on Amazon basically. The course was like $20, so I decided to make that purchase and do the course. That course was literally a copy from the Amazon Seller University but even then, I learned more there than I learned at Nine University. I’m not going to link to the course by the way, because I don’t think that you need to pay even $1 to learn Amazon FBA properly (explain later in the review).

I took a loan from my cousin and my friend and opened up my own gig after that and started trying stuff. I made a good amount of money from that and I was reading this book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad at the time, and God know I didn’t want to be the Poor Dad, so I invested in myself and decided to buy the “best Amazon FBA course” (Caution: Nine University is NOT the best course AT ALL).

Half a dozen posts from some serious blogs which said that Nine University Bootcamp was the best thing anyone could get had convinced me. I went on their website and they had wild testimonials from all around the globe. I was convinced that these guys are going to be legit and will help reach the next level. At that time I wasn’t aware of the sick manipulation tactics these guys used to trap people like me and you.

Well, I was hooked on their offers and decided to buy Nine University 2.0 by Kale and Taylor. And boy was that an eye-opener. I read a lot of reviews which gave them a shiny five out of five ratings and claimed that this was the best course. But I didn’t know that these well-known and popular blogs were actually affiliates of Nine University and were getting paid for every customer they brought in. I have talked about this in a section down below, I strongly suggest you check it out, even I was shocked when I found out about this affiliate scam stuff. It is truly mind-boggling.

I would have been totally in love with the course, had I not been subscribed to Amazon’s official seller university YouTube channel. KT9 has a better structure and visuals, but unless you have serious learning disabilities, I don’t think those fancy visuals and a little better course structure are going to do you any good. All the supposedly “secret tricks & tips” have been bastardized by sellers online and it doesn’t take a genius to make these observations yourself. 

I had ended up paying a hefty amount of money to these people as they convinced me that the upgraded version of the course will help advanced sellers like me to get “better & more amazing results”. Well, I guess I was as gullible as a jello box because I gave in and spent thousands more in the hopes of getting a better course. And, I’m not going to lie, they did provide new content that had some new techniques, but for the ridiculous amount of money they charged me, it was totally not worth it.

I honestly feel like these guys are running a scam, and please before commenting on some weird stuff like “Oh, if you are paying for a course then how can it be a scam moron?!?!”, I want you to realize one thing. These courses are marketed to people who are not in a good financial condition and are emotionally vulnerable, so when Kale and Taylor come out of nowhere on a YouTube ad and claim that they can give them financial freedom, these people are easily manipulated. They are taking advantage of the messed up economy we have, and they are making millions off it. 

I am trying to get a refund from Nine University for the almost ten thousand I spent on their courses, but I doubt I’m going to get a penny back from them. I’m not writing this review out of spite, thankfully my FBA business has been running quite well (no thanks to Nine University for it), so I can afford this loss. But I know that 90% of the people who are going to end up falling for this scam don’t have a stable or good income and Nine University makes them think that their money is secure, while it is not. 

I won’t say that Nine University is the absolute worst Amazon FBA course out there, but for its price, it is simply not worth it. You can learn literally everything these guys teach in threeĖfour months of doing FBA by yourself. You’ll see what the competition is doing, learn from your mistakes, take losses, make deals, etc. Instead of spending $2000-15,000 on Nine University or some other overhyped course, make the jump and start yourself. This is exactly what these guys don’t want you to do, because if their customer base gets brave enough and starts believing that they can launch an Amazon FBA business by themselves, then no one would buy their courses. Trust me, even if you lose a couple of thousand bucks, it’ll be worth it. What Nine University is teaching is simply outdated, overused, and common knowledge packed in a fancy package. 

KT9 Takes No Responsibility 

I’m not going to bash Kale and Taylor for putting a disclaimer on their website, that would be reckless. But it’s important that we talk about what exactly are the Nine University geniuses “disclaiming”. 

The disclaimer states that the results they show on their 10-minute long landing page, is for show purposes only and most of their students are not going to get anywhere nearly the results like those mentioned in the page. I think that’s a realistic statement, but why not put this disclaimer in more legible lettering and at the top of the page at least. Or maybe they actually don’t want their “potential customers” to see this. Also, why show nit picked results of your specific students (I doubt that most of these people even used Nine University for their business), why not show a chart of all the success and failures of all your students? Let me tell you why, because that chart is the ugly truth, the harsh reality that these guys don’t want people to find out.  

With the kind of money KT9 makes from scamming people online, they could’ve easily paid up these entrepreneurs to have the right to claim that they are Nine University students.

And can we please take a moment to talk about this specific line of the disclaimer which I found to be very interesting:

“Honestly, if you are reading this disclaimer and wondering whether this is a ‘scam’ of some sort, you probably aren’t ready to be an entrepreneur”

Oh. My. Freaking. God.

The level of narcissism dripping from this sentence kills me every time I read it. 

So having any sort of skepticism makes a person ineligible to be an entrepreneur? What the actual f…..?

This sentence itself goes to show what kind of filthy manipulation techniques the owners of Nine University use to leech their victims’ money. 

What’s the purpose of that specific sentence? Well, let me explain:

That disclaimer is supposed to belittle the skepticism a potential customer might feel and it also acts as ego inflation for Kale and Taylor because they hate people who critique or are skeptical of Nine University’s charades. 

Actually having a healthy amount of skepticism makes you a better entrepreneur, because you aren’t going to fall for get-rich-quick schemes or scams. If Nine University is so honest and legit, then why do they avoid skepticism? The short answer, they are dirty scams. 

No Refunds From Nine University

If you have already bought the Nine University in the last 10 days, then please read the following instructions VERY carefully, because the only way you are getting your money back, is by following these specific guidelines.

In case anyone of is wondering, I’m not joking. These are actual guidelines for being eligible for a refund for Nine University. These are made specifically so their customer support team can simply say that you are not eligible for a refund sir/ma’am. 

Although I’ve seen people on BBB complain about refunds and Nine University staff replying and saying “we have opened your refund, you’ll receive it in 48 hours”. But I don’t know if those people ever got their refunds. After all, Nine University is accredited on BBB, which requires a big payment, I’m pretty sure they are getting some benefits in that deal, like the shutting of complaints and rebuttals. These guys are definitely experienced scammers, who know how to swindle people.

I can already read the future comments from Nine University fans/bots/Taylor-himself-making-different-accounts, saying that my Nine University review is BS and how students are making real money, and losers like me are just salty and jealous of their NBA lifestyle. Oh, those comments.

(Important) The Nine University Customer Journey

Nine University have tested these sales funnel and customer journey plans for years and they know exactly how to reel in masses of customers to scam. There is nothing wrong with having a sales funnel or a customer journey plan, but when you include a toxic amount of manipulation in it, just so you can defraud individuals, then it becomes an unethical and almost criminal practice. Kale & Taylor have no guilt, no remorse for the thousands of people they’ve already scammed and the thousands they plan to scam, their sole focus is to swindle as many people as they can, while they can. 

This is the 1st step of the sales process, and it is very important that the Nine University advert convinces the viewer to click on their presented link and goes to the landing page. The whole point of the advertisement is to make people curious about the product and give them a sense of false hope. Nine University runs a lot of ads, and target up to 100k people every month. 

The presenters act relatable and convincing in the ad, they act like the elder brother you never had, who is going to guide you to success and all you have to do is click the link on the video. After you’ve clicked the ad, they will take you to their landing page, where they play another video, but this one is much different and it only has one purpose: get you emotionally invested.

This new video is usually on the longer side (>10minutes), they will show you the testimonials and why their course will work for you and how they are not a scam like your instincts might tell you. After watching this one, the people who stay have a very high chance of paying Nine University money.

By this time, the potential customer is very invested in Nine University. In the free consulting call, the Nine University representative asks simple questions that relate to the person’s goals and future. This call is highly manipulative and they have a basic script which is used for everyone who dials up that number. 

By the end of the 20 minutes, the customer is convinced that Nine University is a good course and a “once in a lifetime” opportunity which he/she is lucky to stumble upon. Then comes the next part of their journey which is arguably the most important one.

This is a very important step as this is where Nine University actually monetizes its victims. They’ll give offers of $997-4997 (the costs fluctuate a lot on these courses). The people who reach this part of the funnel have already invested quality time with Nine Unversity and they feel compelled to buy the course. There are many psychological factors behind this decision. Once they make the first purchase, they fall into the rabbit hole of upsells which is KT9. It is safe to assume that people at this stage are probably the ones who search for reviews online, only to find fake positive articles that have been sponsored by Nine University. 

One thing even the Nine University-sponsored reviews couldn’t lie about was the horrendous amount of upsells in the course. They always prompt some kind of a bonus package that you can buy to boost your knowledge and chances of success as an FBA business person. 

These upsells are promoted to the people in the hopes that they’ll shell out even more money to Nine University. And this is where the scam gets nasty. They take 10s of thousands of dollars and deliver horrible bonuses. But when people email the support, they get no help or refunds for that matter.

There isn’t much to say in this section. Nine University simply avoids giving refunds and their specific refund guidelines a proof of that. Your customers shouldn’t have to go to online forums and post their complaints there to get a refund, but that’s the story with Nine University. As 100s of people have complained about not getting their refunds from these scammers.

Once in a while, someone posts their complaint on Trustpilot or BBB or sometimes they make a YouTube video sharing their experience with Nine University. For those times, Kale & Taylor have a team of lawyers and PR experts who are quick to delete these complaints. They don’t want people to see these complaints because it hurts their sales funnel and manipulation. On BBB, they can literally mark the complaint as resolved and on TrustPilot, the complaints vanish. Things get trick on YouTube however it’s still very easy to shut people (or, has Taylor likes to call them, “haters”) up there. They file a fake copyright strike and take the video down. You can see the literal proof on the video Coffezilla has done on them.

Fake Positive Nine University Reviews

Now this one might come as a bummer to Tyler and Kyle (especially Tyler because he has some major anger issues) because they paid big bucks to many many blogs all over the internet in order to bury any Nine University bad reviews (like maybe this one). It is actually mind-boggling how many fake positive reviews these guys have put out, it makes me wonder how many actual Nine University complaints have vanished from the internet. 

I have compiled the list of fake reviews of Nine University you will find online, probably on the first page of Google Search Results when you search for “Nine University Reviews” or other stuff like that. Now, let me make one thing clear, I don’t have anything against these blogs, except for the fact that they are literally defrauding their readers. Except for that, I don’t want to offend any of these guys, but I think if they are going to sell their souls, then they should tell that explicitly in the review, instead of using an affiliate link and using words like “honest” or “personal” in the title to fool people. This section does not intend to offend these bloggers, I just want people to see that positive reviews that they trust online, are really not that honest.

Here’s a fun little activity for you all. Google Nine University Reviews, and see how many five out of five-star reviews you see. The number is really high by the way because Kale and Tyler are two very dishonest guys and they can’t trust reviewers to write a five out of five-star review if it was unbiased. Because their product is just horrible. So what they’ve done is that they have paid up some popular blogs to write reviews on Nine University and give it a nice rating. This not only helps the blog get traffic but also helps in persuading potential victims of Nine University to think that this course really is legit. 

Below are all the sponsored reviews of this platform. I’m not saying all of these bloggers below are horrible people, but they are literally getting paid to lie and they are doing it voluntarily. But I don’t want them to write about my Amazon store so I’m just going to say that they are not the bad guys here. It should be obvious that Nine University is trying to play smart here because the titles of these reviews are extremely convincing and can easily fool someone to think that these reviews are legit.

Proof: All of these reviews have some kind of a link like “Get Nine University” or “Try here”. All of these buttons have a tracker on them which lets Nine University know which of their review buddies got them the customer. For each customer these reviewers bring, they get a cut. I’ve attached the review header along with the linked proof in the images. All of these reviewers probably took a lot of money in advance as well. And now they act like they are honest reviewers who are just providing good content to the world. What a horrible scam.

If you go on Google and search for “Nine University review”, then the 6th result is a Quora question that happens to have 44 answers. While the top answer to the question is actually legit and some of the other answers are also written by real people. There are a lot of answers which are simply written by Nine University’s PR team by using fake accounts. I actually came to know about these fake Quora answer thing when I read this Wesley Virgin post literally on this site, that’s how I was first introduced to it by the way. 

Now, as you can see, there are literally no answers which expose the reality about Nine University, all of them say that it is not a scam, but I think I’ve uncovered enough information to prove otherwise. Whoever put together these fake answers is not an idiot, as they sprinkle a hint of skepticism in order to make the answer feel more real and not like a blatant Nine University promotion (which it actually is).

These guys are simply abusing the platform to manipulate people. They are twisting the reality and hiding the simple fact that Nine University is a scam operation.

I know some people are still going to say that I’m a lunatic and a freaky conspiracy theorist for saying that Nine University is posting fake posts to create a fake reputation on Quora. So here’s another bit of proof which might help convince them.

There are only 5 people following the question while it has a whopping 44 answers (trust me, for such a long question, that’s a lot of answers). Whenever you answer a question on Quora, you automatically follow it, unless you deliberately unfollow, which is the case with these answers, because Nine University probably reached out to certain Quora account holders and paid them up to write a small positive piece for them on this specific Quora answer. But once that was done, the Quora users must’ve been fed up from the constant fake answers being posted on their feed, so they unfollowed it.

Edit: Thereís actually one honest answer which will probably be downvoted to death, here it is:

Just take a look at that beautiful 4.94/5 rating with a BBB Accreditation badge. That’s something only excellent customer service or money can buy you. And in this case, it’s the latter. There are over 294 customer reviews of Nine University on BBB alone, and 99.9% of them give it a 5-star rating. But if their service is so excellent they why are they paying blogs for positive PR, why are they deleting 1-star reviews from BBB & Trustpilot. Well, the simple answer, these reviews are actually fake as well.

There’s no way to verify whether these BBB reviews are real or not and the fact that Nine University is accredited with BBB as well, really explains why BBB is letting these scammers abuse their platform. 

I used to have a lot of respect for BBB but after this, I can’t honestly trust the reviews there, they weren’t the heroes I thought they were ūüôĀ

This post has turned from a Nine University review to a ruining-your-favorite-review-platforms one. But I need you to understand how these guys are abusing these amazing platforms just to lie to their customers. 

I think everyone here knows what Trustpilot is. Well, for those who don’t, it is simply a review platform where customers leave reviews along with a 1-5 star rating to a business. Now, when used normally, Trustpilot is a great place to see user reviews of products and services. But recently, shady course sellers (ahem ahem Nine University), have started abusing this platform because it simply ranks very high on Google for keywords like “Nine University user reviews” etc. Let me show you how exactly they do it.

First of all, they use temporary emails to register dozens of accounts on Trustpilot, then they write one review each from these accounts and post them on Nine University’s listing. This abusive technique is often used by cheap marketing agencies but it seems KT9 seems to be using it as well.

Here are some live examples you can check for yourselves, all you have to do is go to Nine University’s Trustpilot listing, and see how many reviewers have “1 review” beside their names. 9/10 times, these are temporary accounts made for skewing the ratings. 

And I would like to apologize for the horrible artwork I made, Iím not proficient with MS Paint.

Edit: Woah, another honest one here! This review hasnít been deleted by Nine University (yet at least)

Amazonís Official Course Nine University Doesnít Want You To Know About (Itís Free)

Amazon has it’s very own university for sellers. I don’t know why more people don’t know about this amazing gold mine. Considering how many people are actually repurposing the videos and articles posted here and then selling them for thousands of dollars, I think Amazon should take some action. I think Amazon couldn’t care less about the small course sellers and they probably put together this learning center to make it easier for sellers to use Amazon. 

Note: I hate the term “university”, which apparently every online course seller abuses to make their course sound better. Maybe it is one of those “power words”, I don’t know, I just hate the way these guys use it. Some of them even give a phony certificate which holds zero to no value in the market. Go to a job interview with an Ecomm Agency certificate and see how the interviewer reacts. Disclaimer: I actually don’t want you to go to a job interview with a silly certificate you got for simply wasting money online on a guru because most probably the interviewer will think you are gullible and you might not land that job. Well, I think this “note” has gone far enough now. Let’s continue.

Amazon University is totally free and as a seller, you can access it simply by using this link. They also have a YouTube channel that has hundreds of videos. 

The only downside of Amazon’s seller learning center is the lack of motivation. It is fact-based and they don’t beat around the bush, meanwhile courses like Nine University might have 50% BS but they are reportedly quite motivating. But I think getting motivation from results is better than a scam. 

I strongly suggest that you check out Amazon’s free university, Amazon puts out better content, and that too for free. I think every Amazon FBA business person would benefit a lot from this place. 

Nine University Review 2020 Verdict:

Nine University is indeed a scam. No one should waste their money on this horrible course. They have fake reviews and a fake reputation. Their malicious refund policy ensures that no one gets their money back once they make a purchase at the Nine University. I strongly recommend that you avoid them. 

What do you think of Nine University’s scandalous approach? Should they be allowed to swindle people online? Why aren’t Kale and Taylor in jail? Is it okay for Nine University to manipulate thousands of people and scam them?

If you’ve been scammed by Nine University, (Honey Badger University, Boost Nine), then please share your review down below. I hope this Nine University review helps you in this dire year that 2020 is. Share this article and help spread the word against these scammers.

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